About Chris

At a glance

● Secondary school teacher
● Degrees in science & law, with knowledge of human rights
● Regional Vice Chair & former Policy Officer
● Parliamentary candidate in 2010, 2015 & 2017
● Former member of Party campaigns staff
● Have represented Lib Dems abroad
● Would be Britain’s first openly bisexual MEP
● Enjoys reading, history and swimming

An experienced campaigner

● As parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough (2017), I led an energetic campaign that delivered more leaflets, raised more money and had more activists than ever before.
● I organised the winning by-election campaigns in Burton Latimer (2016) (2017) and Barton Seagrave (2017), increasing out vote from 0% with 57%, with very well planned, very well resourced campaigns – and have ran countless local election campaigns over the last 14 years, growing local infrastructure.

Committed to a stronger, more liberal European Union

● Detailed knowledge of the EU, gained over many years before the referendum, including from representing Lib Dems abroad as former LDYS International Officer (Chair of the International Committee of what is now the Young Liberals), making deals with liberals & centrists right across Europe.
● I campaigned hard in the 2016 EU referendum for both Stronger In and for the Liberal Democrat In Campaign.
● I have extensive experience of debating the EU, including in the media. I have gone toe-to-toe in debate with Hard Brexiteer MPs Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone and Chris Heaton-Harris.
● I have spent much of the last 18 years that I’ve been member passionately believing tha that Britain is stronger in the EU, that the EU with the UK is capable of a much greater role in the world, Thus – while the EU has its flaws that must be addressed – we can only fix them by properly engaging in EU politics, including the Spitzenkandidate process where each European political movement nominates their choice for European Commission president.